Published poems

"After 30 Hospitals in 2 Hours"   New York Times Magazine

"To the Eyes Beholding Stardust" The Southampton Review. Winter 2017 

“A Mirror of a Mirror.” Narrative Magazine. Winter 2016. 

“I Miss You Texting Goodnight.” Upstreet Literary Review (2019).

“Lovers in the Pine Barrens” and “Frequently Axed Questions.” Breadcrumbs Magazine (2018).

“He is He is He is.” Maintenant 12: Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art. Three Room Press. (2018)

“Freedom from Fear.” Berfrois. Pendant Publishing. London, UK. (2018)

“Zen Press.” The Long Island Quarterly

“A Mirror of Pretty Fungus,” “The Engagement” and “A Mirror of Meat.” The Southampton Review. Volume X No. 1 Winter/Spring 2016.

“Meditations on Pollock’s Troubled Queen.” Vinyl Poetry/ YesYes Books.

“Blank Canvas.” Cave Canem Anthology. 

“Process.” The New Yorker. January 21, 2013 edition.

“Stones formerly known as Love” and “The Floater.” White Space Poetry Project. 

Writing is Rewriting, Right?